Friday, August 19, 2011

Shout out buddies who have made it!

It's pretty neat to watch music videos of friends from the past. They made it! OBVIOUSLY... they have music videos! So just throwing a "Congratulations-guys-you've-officially-made-it"out there to them both! Melissa Fuller and Preston Powis.
I couldn't figure out how to embed their videos on this post but here are some links!

Money money money - Melissa Fuller

So proud of this kid! Cool to see what he's done with what he has wanted to do! Check out his Single. It's good.

Lila & Aiden

So our next door neighbors are theee sweetest people ever! Seriously! I just wanted to throw a shout out to the Wall Family.
  • They just brought us food and snacks from their Germany Trip ( for the second time).
  • Gave us a million boy clothes
  • Sandy magically knows when I don' t want/too tiered to cook and she'll bring food over.
  • They have all kinds of different people come and live in their home all the time.
  • Let us use their internet. So nice!
And yesterday they invited us to go out to water park on base a play! It was so fun! I had no idea that it was going on and let's face it it just wouldn't have been the same without Aiden there!
Aiden is almost 3 and Lila's new Best Bud! They are so fun to watch! They hold hands and hug and run and Scream and it is so fun to see them laugh together!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sooo HOT!

Mkay, so I can feel that it is cold in my house and my daughter might get a little cold taking her nap but I AM SOOOO HOT!!!!! Seriously dying in here! I know I have some errands to run and Tris has the car. So guess who gets to go on a really fun walk...We do!!! Yay! Lila loves walks...I usually do too but like I said "I'm burning like a toasted cheeser it's so hot here benny!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

happy fourth of July!

Yay! We had Tristan's Sister Meriah and her girls in town this year for the Fourth! It was fun to all get together! I think everyone really had a great time. I know we did! Big thanks goes to the Chane and Jo Bradshaw family for getting everyone up here and organizing the whole thing! We did all kinds of fun stuff and the kids did even more rad stuff like aquarium in baltimore... I think there was a Downtown DC picnic, we went swimming the 4th here at the Bolling AFB swimming pool which is so much fun it even has a rock climbing wall there in the deepend! but to top it all off Chane and Jo took us all out to SIX FLAGS! woot! That's right! It was so HOTTTTTT but so much fun! Lila loved the Carosel! It was so much fun to see her so floored about going UP and DOWN and Up and Down. At first she wasn't impressed nor did she even want to attempt to mount a horse or Elephant or camel or whatever! But after we got going and she saw her cousin Kennedy having so much fun she let me stick her up there and just laughed and smiled SO big! That was probably my favorite part of the day! The water park was also a blast and Lila had a great time there too. She loves the water and is so brave. She put her face under the water twice on her own! I was so proud of her! What a big girl! I loved watching her and Daddy float down the lazy river together! They are the best of friends. :)
So it sure was fun to have the Gaboy girls here this weekend! Love them! And loved seeing everyone having so much fun together.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gertrude & pics

So I love my sister! Kristin, I just have to tell you how stinkin' amazing you are! I just looked at your blog that you have so nicely updated and it is beautiful!
You are beautiful! Your family is beautiful and your new house is beautiful with you all in it!
Big fat HAPPY CONGRATS for you!
Love ya sis!

So I just thought that I would try and put a few pics on here before Tris gets home and Monopolizes the computer...
Speaking of Tristan, he is theeeee best and coolest husband ever! I couldn't ask for more. He does everything poopy diapers, bath time, all kinds of stuff including dinner when I have a rough day! Right now he is doing Full-time work, full-time school, full-time husband and full-time dad! Yeah... "he's so cool." :) Love you BAybee!
Lila loves drinking out of Mom's water bottle!

My breast pump is like her favorite toy ever.... she will play with it for hours... that andThe Wii remote...shh don't tell dad.

She is really into the cabinets and starting to walk!!! She's been working on walking for a while now but just doesn't seem too motivated... she just does it like it's normal and not anything new. It's so fun to watch her grow!
This one's for you Kris... thanks a bunch for the jackets and stuff!

Just a cute one. I love my little baby girl! We have so much fun together! thankful to be a Mommy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arlington Fun

The other day my friend Stephanie Bowen and myself were able to go and see our husbands hard at work. They work at The Arlington National Cemetery.
Our husband's had tried to explain it to us a few times but it was really neat to finally see with our eyes what they were talking about.

There is a kind-of parade... hmm I guess it would be more of a march to the gravesite.
See the really heavy-looking one with all the ribbons on it? Yeah that is the USAF(united states Air Force Flag). That is what Tristan carries around most of the time. That isn't him this time. This time he is on "flight".

These are the pallbearers. They are the ones that... well they're pallbearers. but one of their special duties is to fold the flag and give it to the family of the deceased.
Can you find Tristan? He's in the front row. It's hard huh? He's the second guy in from the right. He's so handsome. :)
This is the "Firing party". At the end of the funeral they sound off... 3? united shots to honor the fallen.
it's really neat!

The whole thing in all was very touching. The Honor guard band is there and they did a beautiful job. The taps at the end is what really got me. Gorgeous!

Anyway. I really enjoyed going with Stephanie to see our babies at work to honor the fallen of our country.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010